This funny and useful video will  give you a very good idea of  the essence of my current research in the field of pronunciation teaching. You can find it all in my dissertation but  it is not an easy reading if you are not a specialist.

I can confirm that although this guy learned it all empirically,  all   that he says is true and has a firm scientific basis.

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This is the text accompanying the  video:

“Chris Aruffo, while training for his MFA in Acting Performance (University of Florida), discovered an unusual approach to learning dialects and accents. Chris developed his techniques into a new, effective system of training— but was driven to know why it worked. Chris’ pursuit of this question has brought him to McMaster University’s Department of Psychology, Neuroscience, & Behaviour, and formed the focus of his Ph.D. studies. Chris comes to TEDx to describe the origins of his training approach, its theoretical underpinnings, and the new perspectives it offers to the study of language production, foreign accent, and natural pronunciation. Chris hopes this new idea may create new bridges between cultures and remove barriers to fluent second-language speech”.