Indo-European Phonological Inventory Database  The Indo-European Phonological Inventory Database collects the phonemic inventories of the ancient and attested Indo-European languages. Every record in the database is linked to an ancient language and it contains the consonant and vowel inventories of the language.

swphonetics  (a very informative site run by Sidney Wood)

THE GRAVETTIAN OF MORAVIA – THE PAVLOVIAN and the Willendorf-Kostenkian (Website of the Academy of Sciences in Brno, Czech Republic) Highly recommended!

The era of the great European cultures of the Northern – type hunters LATE GRAVETTIAN The youngest phase of the Upper Paleolithic, 22,000–12,000 years ago (Website of the Academy of Sciences in Brno, Czech Republic) Highly recommended!

Online phonetic resources

Piers Messum’s child speech research and pronunciation teaching pages

Monier Williams’ Sanskrit-English Dictionary

Sanskrit Dictionary Sanskrit Dictionary is a project to make the love and learning of Sanskrit easy and available to all. We offer to the world at large an online dictionary that is intelligent and is constantly growing and improving. This project has been initiated by Vedic Society and the Sanskrit Research Institute as a tool for all who wish to learn Sanskrit and study the wealth of what is written in its literature.

Search for data in: Vasmer’s Etymological Dictionary

Russian Dictionaries database

A comparative dictionary of Indo-Aryan languages

Slavic Language Dictionaries from

Devanagari script tutor

Resources for the study of Palaeolithic / Paleolithic European, Russian and Australian Archeology

Library of selected works on Slavonic history, physiology and linguistics